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Rebuilding a Firehouse

Posted by on Aug 4, 2016 in Firehouse Reconstruction, Remodeling Of Interior |

To create a self-sustaining community whose inhabitants have everything they need available and provided by the city council for building and constructing, a city should have a certain number of buildings intended for individual services. Hospitals, Law Courts, Police stations and every other similar institution with a precise intention needs to exist. Firehouse is one of those important buildings that every city should have, and this was also common for cities older than two centuries ago.

Starting from scratch.

Every city has a building that dates back to 19th, 18th and even 17th century. Some of those buildings were damaged during the years of service by weather, people or natural disasters. If one of those building is a firehouse, there is still a chance to restore the previous condition of this important building. Being that no city can function without one, Firehouses are extremely important to the safety of a community. If such building is damaged beyond repair, they are usually destroyed after a new one is constructed.

Building-Construction-Companies-Dubai-UAE-Yellow-Pages-DirectoryRestoring the former glory.

If a fire station is damaged but still available for reconstruction, architects and construction companies do their best to restore the condition of a building to make it functional again. Being that a firehouse has a specific interior as well as exterior look, special design is needed in reconstructing such buildings. Although the outside look of such buildings is not relevant to its function, it presents the institution and firemen should be presented with a dignified image, being that they save lives of other by risking their own. To ensure that it presents them in the right manner, it should be modified in such way that it is representable and decent. Concerning the interior, there is a bit more work to do than small making small adjustments to improve visually.

Reconstructing the interior.

For a firehouse to become usable again, serious construction work is needed. For the garage to store fire trucks it needs large area connected with a vertical pole that provides firemen a quick access. Such need for a quick access is needed when emergency calls are reported. Beside a garage, sleeping quarters are equally important to a firehouse. If this part is damaged and the roof collapsed, or doors aren’t functional renovation is needed. Without sleeping quarters, a firehouse can’t function, where constant presence of firemen is needed to achieve full attentiveness to city needs. Training room, although not important as garage and sleeping quarters, is crucial to firemen’s effectiveness. If there are daily training that covers the basic drill of everyday actions of a firefighter, they become more prepared for every situation.

The firefighter services are not needed every day but when the problem occurs they should be quick to act and restoring firehouse functionality does that. Investing in equipment such as firehouses, water pumps also increase their readiness. It is advised to create proper conditions for firefighters to do their job and save lives.