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Common questions in the event of a fire in the house

Posted by on Jul 14, 2018 in Fire Prevention, Fire Trucks |

We give you answers to questions that are in different ways related to the fire in the house. These questions have been the most common, and it is quite important for everyone to know the answers.

Preventing the fire

• Why should I have a fire alarm device at home?
Fire spreads very quickly. In just a few minutes, one room can be filled with smoke, and in the worst case, it can be found completely in flames. A fire alarm device can alert you time and provide you with the time it takes to save your life, warn others and maybe try to extinguish the fire.

• What can I do myself to protect myself from a fire in the house?
You must have a fire alarm device in the home that is in operation. That way you will be warned in time. Get a fire extinguisher and fire blanket so you can extinguish smaller fires. Discuss with your family what you would do in case of a fire.

• Who is responsible for the existence of a fire alarm device?
It is appropriate that the one who owns the house mounts a fire alarm device. You are then responsible for doing so the fire alarm device is operational. Therefore, you should regularly test the fire alarm device. There is a button on the fire alarm device. Press the button. If no signal is heard, you must change the battery.

In case of fire:

• How will I extinguish a fire caused by edible fat on the stove?
You need to extinguish the fire with a lid, fire blanket, towel or the like. If you throw water on burning edible fat, there is a possibility that you will expand the fire and get burnt.

• Why should I close the front door behind me, in the event of a fire in my apartment?
If you close the door behind you, you will prevent the smoke from spreading to the stairs. So you will protect your neighbors and help the rescue service.

• Why should I stay in my apartment and keep the front door closed, in case the stairs are filled smoke?
The smoke from the fire is poisonous. If you step onto the staircase and breathe in the smoke, you will become unconscious, and you can lose your life. A couple of breaths can lead to a loss of consciousness. This can happen quickly. Warm smoke can also cause serious burns in the artery and lungs. Stay in your apartment. You will be safe here for 30-60 minutes. Call firefighters so that the rescue service knows that you are inside the building.

• What should I do if smoke develops where I am?
The smoke, life-threatening, go to the top, which is why you have to go down below the smoke. Crawl the pathos. It’s easier on the pathos to see and breathe. If you inhaled a smoke call the ambulance.

10 things to know when you find yourself in a fire

Posted by on Jun 26, 2018 in Firefighting methods, Firehouse Facts |

If you notice a fire or feel the smell of smoke in your house or building, immediately call the fire department and never assume that someone has already done it! To avoid fire, you need to take some preventive measures, but if you have already, follow some of the directions of the Emergency Situations Department for fire behavior to save you in the shortest possible time.

In case of fire:

1. If a fire occurs during the night, and you do not have an emergency alert, go to the window of the building or hallway of the building and shout “Fire” to wake up neighbors and households. You need to warn the people around you, and they will warn people around them.

2. Call firefighters and tell the exact location information – address, floor, and a number of the apartment. If only one room is affected by the fire, close the door of this room and switch off the power. Call firefighters and evacuate households, and if the fire is smaller, try to put it out.

3. If a fire breaks out, leave the apartment and close all the doors behind, because, if you do not close them, the fire will spread much faster to the whole apartment due to the flow of fresh air.

4. During an evacuation, it is very important that all households stay in the same room. Take special care of your children, because they can be hidden in fear. When you make sure, everyone is there, go to the exit.

5. If you are not directly threatened by the fire, stay behind the door of your apartment. If the smoke begins to penetrate the door, soak the towels and rags with water and place it around the stocks in front of the door to prevent the smoke from entering your apartment. If the outside air is clean, exit onto the terrace and close the balcony door behind, so wait for the firefighters to extinguish the fire.

Never forget this, it can save our life:

6. Never use an elevator during a fire, because they will malfunction, drop, stop or there will be dense smoke released, full of vapor. By going into the elevator, you are going to a choking death.

7. Expect thick smoke and high heat: if you have time, wear shoes for a thicker sole, wear coats and attach towels and cloths soaked with water over the mouth and nose.

8. Never throttle the cigarette buttocks from the window or the terrace, as it usually ends up in the room or on the terrace of the apartment beneath your and can cause a fire.

9. You should not use water to extinguish the fire on electrical installations and appliances, as you can be exposed to a deadly shock.

10. Do not water a fire caused by gasoline or oil, because these dangerous substances float over the surface of the water and can cause additional fire spread.

Firefighter’s equipment

Posted by on Jun 4, 2018 in Firefighter’s Equipment |

You have probably wondered about the equipment that is present in the firefighter arsenal. There aren’t any special things. The main thing they use is water, water pumps and hoses, axes and many other things that you can cut with, gas masks and helmets with visors that can save their lives and of course special suits that protect them from the fire. Once you combine these things, you have a man/woman that can literary walk on fire and against fire. We will explain and tell you something about this equipment.

Axe and other equipment for cutting and braking

Many people say that the fire axe is the most important tool in the firefighter’s arsenal. There are also many other tools in their arsenal. You have probably seen those terrible car accidents on the highway and the situation when they have to cut the car in half or cut the doors or roof to get the person out of there. So besides axes which are useful in a fight with fire, they also need to have tools for different situations.

Gas mask and a helmet

You have probably seen in movies, or God forbid in a live situation when they have their gas masks and tanks with air combined with a helmet or a hat of some kind which is, in fact, a good protection against hard objects that can fall from a distance and even kill you. The gas mask is a good thing against Carbon monoxide which is deadly in larger concentrations. The best thing to do when you are faced with fire, and your air runs out, or you don’t have a breathing mask is to get down. Gasses tend to go up when the air is hot. This is the best way to buy yourself a time to get out of the building.

Protective suit

This is the suit that is usually shiny, and we all wonder how they survive all those temperatures and fire. The trick is simple. It all comes down to materials. Firefighters use special suits that can protect them from fire and high temperatures. These suits are great because a firefighter can walk through fire without any fear of being burned.

Water and water hoses

When a team of firefighters gets in, the rest of them stay out and use water to put down the fire. The best thing they can do is to try to put down the fire from the outside, while the team that is inside trying to secure people and bring them out from that place.