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Firefighter’s equipment

Posted by on Jun 4, 2018 in Firefighter’s Equipment |

You have probably wondered about the equipment that is present in the firefighter arsenal. There aren’t any special things. The main thing they use is water, water pumps and hoses, axes and many other things that you can cut with, gas masks and helmets with visors that can save their lives and of course special suits that protect them from the fire. Once you combine these things, you have a man/woman that can literary walk on fire and against fire. We will explain and tell you something about this equipment.

Axe and other equipment for cutting and braking

Many people say that the fire axe is the most important tool in the firefighter’s arsenal. There are also many other tools in their arsenal. You have probably seen those terrible car accidents on the highway and the situation when they have to cut the car in half or cut the doors or roof to get the person out of there. So besides axes which are useful in a fight with fire, they also need to have tools for different situations.

Gas mask and a helmet

You have probably seen in movies, or God forbid in a live situation when they have their gas masks and tanks with air combined with a helmet or a hat of some kind which is, in fact, a good protection against hard objects that can fall from a distance and even kill you. The gas mask is a good thing against Carbon monoxide which is deadly in larger concentrations. The best thing to do when you are faced with fire, and your air runs out, or you don’t have a breathing mask is to get down. Gasses tend to go up when the air is hot. This is the best way to buy yourself a time to get out of the building.

Protective suit

This is the suit that is usually shiny, and we all wonder how they survive all those temperatures and fire. The trick is simple. It all comes down to materials. Firefighters use special suits that can protect them from fire and high temperatures. These suits are great because a firefighter can walk through fire without any fear of being burned.

Water and water hoses

When a team of firefighters gets in, the rest of them stay out and use water to put down the fire. The best thing they can do is to try to put down the fire from the outside, while the team that is inside trying to secure people and bring them out from that place.

Being a firefighter

Posted by on May 15, 2018 in Firefighter |

Some people have always wondered about this job. People think that it is a normal job and that it isn’t tougher than being a policeman or a paramedic. The truth is, it is the same thing. Being a firefighter is a tough job. First of all, you need to go through specialist training to get the job. After that, you take many tests such as theoretical and practical, and after that, if you pass all of them, you will probably get the job. The truth is, people will usually ask them about their average working day. First of all, they are constantly on the lookout for fire. They have shifts, and they are constantly on standby in case of an emergency. Once there is a fire report, they immediately jump into their suits and start rolling. The most important thing is that they need to be fast. In a matter of minutes, they need to suit up, get their gear and get out.

Once they get out of the base, and into their trucks or vehicles, they need to rush to the place of emergency as soon as possible. Minutes, maybe seconds can make the difference between life and death. They are at big risk when driving to the center of danger or to that location under the rush. First of all, they drive under the rotation lights or under emergency lights. This means that people will usually start to turn away and make room on the road, which can lead to some problems and possible accidents. This is the amount of stress you don’t want to have when you are on the road. Once they reach their destination, the nightmare begins. Not only that you have to listen to the screaming and horror of locals near the site, but you also have to prevent everyone from entering there.

On the site

Once you have reached, you need to secure the area and prevent anyone who wants to go into safe their loved ones. This is the situation where ratio doesn’t work and all they want to do is to safe their loved ones. You need to secure them and tell them that you are going after them. Once you calm them down and listen to some more screaming and panic, you put your kit on, and you are ready to get in that place. First, you will be surrounded by smoke and fire. The suit will protect you from fire, and your gas mask will protect you from dangerous and poisonous fumes and gases like Carbon monoxide. Remember the middle ages? Remember how witches were burned on stakes? They were dead before the fire got to them. Carbon monoxide is the gas that is created when the fire burns wood and other materials, and the result is obvious.

Once you are on that site, you need to chop the wood and make sure you get everyone alive from that place. It is not easy, and it is not a great job, but you will feel much happier when you know that you have pulled someone out.


Being a firefighter is a great job, not the best paid and not the easiest but you will feel wonderful when you see that a child is reunited with its parents after the fire, or a pet has been saved from certain death. Those situations are wonderful to watch.

What makes a great firefighter?

Posted by on Apr 30, 2018 in Firefighter |

We all had that moment in life when we were kids imagining what we want to be when we grow up. Usual imagination besides scientist, famous actor or sports player or even superhero was a firefighter. We may say these guys are also super heroes but in a real world. And it is not all dreamy and supersonic in a real world about this job. This is tough business and firefighters are people who need to poses many skills and talents. Various characteristics are demanded in this unique work to become a high-quality firefighter.


A person who lacks integrity can never be truly trusted within firehouse if there is no trust there is nothing. Trust is the foundation of a firefighter team because it is a matter of safety and after all, life and death. A member of the team that can’t be trusted in the firehouse or on the field can be a key to disaster for all crew. The fire department needs people who will always represent their profession, department and themselves well. Integrity means having strong moral principles, and moral uprightness leads to honest and right things to do. Public opinion is one of the main keys because trust is also important in public safety. After all, it is their privacy, property and loved ones that are in the hands of firefighters in moments of great distress and accidents.

Physical condition

Above average strength and agility is one of the most required characteristics of this job. High fitness level must be performed as the essence of this duty, and it should be an essential part of firefighter’s lifestyle. Activities like equipment carrying, ladder raise, forcible entries and stair climbs are just basic of many other included in physical nature of this job.


Firefighters are hard-working and hard training people who want and have to be best at what they do. So to be the best first of all you need lots of dedication. Striving for excellence is required in every moment of their career. Learning, making yourself better and not getting comfortable will get you all time to improve the required skills and knowledge. In a field that is constantly changing, if you want to contribute to the organization and your team you are not allowed to settle for mediocrity.


As the primary purpose of firefighter organization is to serve and protect people in its community, it means a good firefighter has to be deeply concerned with the wellbeing of others. It is eligible to have a giving spirit and natural propensity to help other people. And of course there is a crucial moment that happens often, and that is when you have to put your life on the line for someone. Firefighters are very courageous people with the great will to make sacrifice and risk to help others and save their lives. This is very rare and unique characteristic, and that’s why only few people can do this great job.