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What to do When Fire Comes

Posted by on Mar 22, 2018 in Fire Prevention |

Most people think that they know everything about fires and how to deal with them, at least that is until they face a home fire. When some type of accident happens, and a fire starts to spread around your home, surprisingly very low number of people know what is the real procedure that you should follow. When we ask people, what would they do when the fire comes, they all say they will call 911 and let them deal with it. Well, we have to say that it is not simple as that. Unfortunately, when something catches on fire in your home, it is very likely to spread onto other things that can be found inside.

Well, the problems start with the fact that fire spreads very easily inside a house because there are a lot of things that are easily flammable. Most of your furniture is made out of wood and sponges, they are burning like crazy if you don’t do anything about them. So, once you call 911 you need to start putting out the fire yourself, that is if the fire is not big. If the fire has spread too much and the flames are too big, you should get out of your home immediately.

Don’t Try to Save Items

When asked the question what you would do if you woke up and your house was burning surprisingly some people valued objects and items around the house the most. That is something that you have to forget about when there is a serious fire in your home. You don’t want to be inside a burning house any longer than you need to. You never know the strength of the structure of your house, it all may collapse on you due to the fire and you don’t want to be stuck there just because you wanted to save your big TV. You have to start thinking about things that are far more important such as the lives of other people that are in the same building or home with you.

There is no guarantee that the others have heard smelled the smoke from the fire, they might be completely unaware of the fact that their home is burning down. Therefore, if you notice a fire, after calling help, you need to start searching for other people and save them. Of course, if it is too dangerous and you might risk your life, then it is not recommended to go in to save other people, that is the job of firefighters.

Put it Out

Some people don’t even think about the option to use a bucket and fill it with water to stop the fire. When there is a fire, a lot of people start to panic, and they are throwing all kinds of things on fire hoping it will put it out. Well, as you might know, you are not doing anything to stop the fire, you have to find water and pour it on the fire directly.

Fire Prevention Tips for Your Home

Posted by on Feb 28, 2018 in Fire Prevention |

Installation of Fire Alarms

One of the first thing that we will give you as a professional advice would be to install quality fire alarms all around your home. A lot of people don’t have or use these fire alarms because they think that they are not worth investing into. Then after a disaster happens and their entire house burns down, they realize what a mistake they made. Well, when that happens, it is too late to think about the importance of fire alarms. Therefore, that is the reason why you should strongly consider installing these helpful little alarms inside your home. This is just the first prevention tip, but it is the most important one because it will help you.

A fire alarm should be placed in every level of your home, especially in the kitchen area because that is the most common place for fires to start up. Of course, the fire can start anywhere in your home, that’s why having few extra fire alarms around the rooms shouldn’t be a problem. They don’t take up any of the space because they are mounted high up on walls or on the ceiling and they are quite small.

Turn off Appliances

This is a tip that shouldn’t be a big problem for you because it will benefit you in various ways. There are a lot of appliances in your home that you are using quite often and all of them can cause a fire in your home. This is a huge problem nowadays because after using something, people forget to turn the appliance off and that is where the problem starts. Even if you remember to hit the off button it doesn’t mean there is no danger.
As long as something is connected to the wall outlet, you are in danger of accidental home fire. Electricity is very unpredictable, and cables can easily catch on fire is something gets broken inside the appliance. That’s why it is very important that you pull out everything from the wall after you are done using them. Of course, things such as boilers need to work most of the day because you need hot water and you cannot do anything about them. That’s why the previous step which is fire alarms is very important.

Turn off the Lights

When you are leaving your home, most likely you turn off every light in the house to save some money. Well, people need to start understanding that you can do that even when you are home. If you are not in the room, you need to turn off the lights because not only they are using a lot of power, but they can cause house fire quite easily. When leaving a room, you have to turn off the lights, that is a simple trick that will save you from a lot of trouble. In case you are using candles often, we suggest that you never leave them unattended. Candles are one of the top reasons for fires in homes.

How to lessen the chance of fires in our house and lives

Posted by on Feb 8, 2018 in Firehouse Facts |

Home fires have been a dark spot on humanity when it comes to disasters ever since we discovered fire. Fire has been present in our society as a helping tool ever since we can remember, but it has also been a destructive force that can wipe out our assets or even our lives in a blink of an eye if we let it roam without keeping it in check in our lives. For that reason, fire prevention systems have been made in almost all aspects of our lives.

Many people don’t even think about it but fire prevention methods and rules have been set up and are functioning in everything we do. For instance, if you go on a relaxing cruise ship adventure you will notice that there are a lot of heavy metal doors that are placed in convenient places. These doors are called fire-screen doors and are there to cut off the progress of an ongoing fire. With them, the chance of fire spreading to other parts of the ship is lowered by almost 80%. Then if you are in a random business building there are rules that have to be checked and their implementation maintained as they state that every floor should have a fire extinguisher. Some businesses tend to install fire sprinklers that turn on at the first sign of fire or smoke and they have been known to stop fires from spreading competently.
While homeowners can always count on the firefighters helping them in the chance of a fire occurring, it is smart to be willing to prevent some of these fires by doing certain things that will lessen the chance of a fire happening.

Here are some of our suggestions.

1) Stop or limit smoking areas

Smoking is not only bad for your health but it has also been reported that smokers have run the risk of starting a fire in their home by a whopping 50% more than nonsmokers. If you have to smoke limit the area of smoking to only one room or your balcony.

2) Fireproof your cooking space

Cooking is the leading case of home fires in almost all the countries into he world. The first thing you want to do is to always be aware of the situation when you are cooking. It only takes 2 seconds for the oil and fire to mix and you could have a full-fledged fire burning your home down. Fireproofing your cooking space with metallic sheets and removing anything that is flammable in the cooking vicinity is desirable.

3) Home appliances

The faulty home appliances are another great example where fires start in homes. If you have any appliance that you suspect to be faulty, make sure to change it or get it checked out asap. Additionally, if you are leaving your home it is advisable to turn off all your appliances that don’t have to be connected to the power (like your fridge has to be) and then when you get back home you can connect them again. Never leave anything plugged in if you are going to be away from your home for several hours.